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Help ALS Nederland by sponsoring a little amount of money and I will run my ass off!

You can create your own personalized poster to draw attention to this fundraising page. After printing the poster you can hang it in a shop, a café window or a community bulletin board. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to help and also put up a poster in their home, school or work place. Most people are willing to help but be sure to ask permission first.

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€ 15 16-07-2019 | 11:52 Zet hem op Jay!!!
€ 25 10-07-2019 | 15:16 You’re the best!
€ 25 10-07-2019 | 10:52 Succes 💪🏻
€ 10 10-07-2019 | 07:15
€ 15 10-07-2019 | 01:28 Top plan Jason! Go4it