5th MudMasters Run Let's make this count!

Anthony Hodge

( Member of team: Team TicketSwap )

from €275 (147%)

I'm really excited to run the 12KM Mud Masters obstacle course with my TicketSwap colleagues this year. We have set the bar really high and want to raise a huge amount for the ALS Foundation. Give me a wall and I'll climb it. If everyone I know donates just a few euros, the sky is the limit. Please share my fundraising page with your friends and colleagues too!

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€15 17-09-2019 | 17:33
€10 16-09-2019 | 19:12
€25 01-06-2019 | 08:05
€1 15-05-2019 | 10:13
€15 26-04-2019 | 07:23 Gaaf dat je dit weer doet Anthony!!! Veel succes en plezier en op naar de 200% van je streefbedrag 💪